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Medical Team

NuVerus Medical Advisory Board
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Dr. Drew Georgeson

Medical Director, VP Product Research and Development

Andrew Georgeson, M.D., has been practicing general surgery for over 20 years. He received his undergraduate degree in science and economics at Boston College, his medical degree from Midwestern University in Chicago, and completed surgical training at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Board certified by the American Board of Surgery and a member of the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Georgeson specializes in trauma and laparoscopic surgeries.

Dr. Georgeson is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and has incorporated anti-aging and regenerative medicine into his practice. Using nutrition, exercise, and his knowledge of supplementation, he has helped many patients recover from numerous injuries and return to their activities in a significantly reduced time. More recently, he helped pioneer the development and use of minimally invasive vascular surgery.

Dr. Georgeson is the Co-Developer of NuVerus Plus, the flagship product for NuVerus. He has an extensive knowledge of the 21 SuperFoods in NuVerus Plus as well as an extensive knowledge of anti-oxidants and their effect on cellular nutrition.  Dr. Georgeson will be working with other physicians from around the world to create future cutting edge nutritional products for NuVerus.

Dr. Julian E. Bailes Chairman

Julian E. Bailes, MD, is a nationally recognized leader in neurosurgery, with special emphasis on brain tumors and the impact of brain injury on brain function.  Dr. Bailes is one of the first physicians in the country to use emerging technology to treat brain tumors, including Visualase MRI Laser-Guided Therapy. Dr. Bailes is also one of the first neurosurgeons in the Chicago area to use the minimally-invasive NICO BrainPath as part of the Six Pillars approach, offering promising outcomes for patients with otherwise inoperable brain tumors.

Dr. Bailes joined NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) in 2011 as Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery and Co-Director of the NorthShore Neurological Institute. As one of Chicago’s most experienced brain tumor surgeons, Dr. Bailes is conducting leading-edge clinical trials, including exploring the effectiveness of using fluorescent dye in the resection of tumors.

Dr. Bailes has previously served as a team physician for the Pittsburgh Steelers for nine years and has been the neurological consultant for the NFL Players’ Association (NFLPA) since 1993. A specialist in sports medicine, his main expertise is in the effects of injuries upon the central nervous system and spine.

Dr. Bailes has extensive knowledge in the field of essential omega fats and SuperFoods. He brings a world of knowledge to NuVerus as NuVerus continues to pioneer the industry of SuperFood functional beverages.

The following video below is a CNN Report about the benefits of Omega Plus.

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Ron Diaz  

Ron Diaz, a native of Trinidad and Tobago has been a successful entrepreneur for well over 30 years now.

From 1978-1985 Mr. Diaz owned and operated two extremely successful Real Estate offices including a Century 21 Franchise. He then started his first Home-Based business in Financial Services in 1985, with A.L. Williams. (Now Primerica Financial Services). He became a Regional Vice President with A.L. Williams before resigning in 1989.

Mr. Diaz relocated to New York in 1993 and rejoined Primerica Financial Services and quickly rose to R.V.P. for a second time.

In 1995 Mr. Diaz joined the Health & Wellness industry under the tutelage of World Renowned Micro Biologist, Dr. Robert Young. Mr. Diaz created a Massive East Cost organization and took the company International when he spearheaded the journey into Trinidad and Tobago.

In 1997 Mr. Diaz’s vision took him into another direction, he sold his organization in 1997 and started with a Legal Services company. In a relatively short period of time Mr. Diaz rose to Top Level Management and created a team with over 3,700 Business Builders and grew the company’s membership base by well over 120, 000. Mr. Diaz was a Distinguish Guest of the “Ringing Of The Bell” when this company was introduced to the New York Stock Exchange. Mr. Diaz once again showed his genius when he initiated and took the company to Madison Square Garden in 2000 for the “Leadership 2000 Conference” and brought over 3,000 company associates together at the Brooklyn Marriott Hotel for one of the company’s largest gatherings. He wears the prestigious 250K Earner Ring (250K-499K Annual Earning), became the company’s 32nd Millionaire and is a lifetime Millionaire’s club member. Mr. Diaz remained a Sr. Regional Vice President for ten years!

In 2006, Mr. Diaz revisited the Health and Wellness arena and started New Vision Health Ministry. He’s now in Top Level Management and building a Multi-State agency with this Health and Wellness Company. In 2009, he joined NuVerus and created “Team Success” New York’s #1 Home-Based Marketing Team. In order to achieve this position, his team has created Marketing Tools and currently conducts three Weekly Business Briefings in the New York area. Mr. Diaz plans to be instrumental in expanding his team into Trinidad and Tobago in the coming months. Mr. Diaz believes the best is yet to come with NuVerus!

Dr. Leo Leins  

Dr. Leo Leins is a graduate of University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) dental school, one of the best in the country. He has been a dentist for years and has been through several post graduate courses in different fields of dentistry since receiving his D.D.S. degree. His emphasis on patient comfort as well as keeping up-to-date with the latest advancements in dentistry enable him to provide his patients with the best quality of care in the field. Dr. Leins has a wide range of experience in different areas of dentistry, from cosmetic and restorative dentistry to surgical treatments and root canal treatments. Dr. Leins also possesses years of Network Marketing experience and brings professionalism and experience to NuVerus.

Patrick McGovern


Patrick McGovern ("McGovern") has endeavored to foster cultural and economic goodwill between Asia and the United States for the past 20 years, with more than 150 trips to Asia. Recognizing that Asia's inclinations toward culture and politics are the result of a 2,000 year evolution, he understands the individual tendencies and offers compatible strategies to foreign enterprises wishing to conduct affairs within Asia.

His clients include, but are not limited to, American International Group ("AIG"), Arizona Public Utility Commission, China Central Television, General Motors Corporation, Guangdong Provincial Bank, Guangdong Venture Capital Company, McDonalds Corporation, National Cash Registrar Corporation, Triarc Beverages (Snapple), Sinopec, Snowflake Brewery, Southwest Sugar and Beverage Corporation, Stroh's Brewery, Taurus Petroleum, The Chinese National Football league, The United States Soccer Team and the Brandt Corporation, Delta-Energy, Allegheny County Community Development, and the Pittsburgh International Airport Authority

Mr. McGovern brings the experience and skills necessary to facilitate a successful launch of NuVerus into Asia

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Gerald P. Nehra

Special Counsel for Direct Selling Legal Issues

Gerald P. Nehra of Muskegon, Michigan, is an Attorney at Law, admitted to practice in the states of Michigan, New York, Colorado, and the US Federal Courts. His 39 years of legal experience include 8 years on the IBM Legal Staff, and 9 years as the Director of the Amway Corporation Legal Division. His private law practice was established in 1992 and exclusively serves the legal needs of direct selling companies. Mr. Nehra, of Nehra & Waak, Attorneys at Law, is on retainer to NuVerus to protect its legal interests in his area of specialty.

Michael A. Hanna Legal Counsel

Michael A. Hanna graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a major in political science and minors in business, biology, and ROTC. He also worked for the university throughout his college years as a dorm counselor and leader.

Hanna went to law school at Detroit College of Law (now Michigan State University-Detroit College of Law), and the University of San Francisco. He graduated in 1969 with a J.D. degree and was immediately admitted to the Michigan Bar. He left for active duty in the U.S. Army after passing the bar examination.

During his delay from active duty, and while he attended law school, Hanna was promoted and entered the Army as a 1st Lieutenant. Later, he served as an assistant adjutant of one of the artillery groups at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Not long after that, he was promoted to the rank of captain and was sent to Vietnam.

Upon his return, Hanna joined a law firm that specialized in business and real estate transactions and represented Michigan and international companies doing business in both in and outside the state. There he acted as advisor and legal counsel for homeowners associations, manufacturing companies, and business entities, as well counsel for one of the cities in southeastern Michigan.

As an attorney, Hanna represented local, national, and international buyers, sellers, and corporations in various areas, including business ventures and problem solving, and also in the purchase, sale, and leasing of commercial properties. He has legal, management, and business skills in all areas of real estate and business development, including business launches, investments, development, leasing, loan procurement, closings, and operations.

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Michael Jareou NuVerus Founder & CEO


Michael Jareou is one of the modern day business leaders. His leadership and vision have led him to his incredible journey of success.He always believes if you help people fulfill their dreams in return, they will help you achieve your own.

Michael Jareou's successes can equally by measured by his determination and perseverance in life as well as work. He started Digital Security Network,(DSN) and because of his excellent business capabilities, DSN became one of the biggest electronic security companies in the USA . He then sold DSN, to Ameritech, a Fortune 100 company.

Astonishingly enough at the just the age of 26, Michael Jareou was now a multi-millionaire. Financially independent, He could have retired to a life of comfort, but admittedly, it is hard to comfort a restless entrepreneur. He then founded the Physicians Wellness Group (PWG), which in short time grew to be a multi-million dollar network marketing and distribution company.

His ingenuity started the popular “As Seen On TV” retail stores that we have all seen. He is known world-wide as a savvy businessman. He has been a consultant and contractor for many different projects within the private and government sectors around the world. This has drawn national and International attention by being featured in different publications, radio, and TV such as Fox News, CNN, Fortune Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, Sun Sentinel, Orlando Sentinel and many other.

Michael was selected from thousands of business professionals to be included in the Illinois Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame organized by the University of Chicago. His natural leadership and vision have always made him challenge the norm which has led him to this incredible journey of total freedom and the American dream.

The hardships of Michael’s youth and the success as an American has helped him to formulate his 3 objectives for success . . . Health - Prosperity - Freedom. Out of this desire to share these objectives, he started NuVerus. Through NuVerus, Michael  teaches the same skills, life-lessons and know-how used to achieve his own success. Mr. Jareou is helping people from the inside-out, by advocating and promoting true health and wealth. He is helping people realize their dreams, accomplish goals and live a life far better than the one they had envisioned. A leader that cares; a leader with immeasurable success; a leader you can count on and follow; Michael Jareou- the true embodiment of the American Dream.

In only few years NuVerus has become an International success. NuVerus and Michael Jareou has quickly become a respected name all over the world and is also becoming a well-known brand
Akram Alani President International Development

With an advanced educational background, over 20 years of sales and marketing experience with Fortune 500 and international fashion companies, Akram Alani adds depth to an outstanding bench of dynamic business executives at NuVerus. With an eye for design, distribution and branding, he has years of experience with national and international brand launches from concept to completion.

Alani is an award-winning sales leader with a unique understanding and sense for customer demands and market trends. Demand for his unique business strategies and proven understanding of national and international market complexities has led Akram to years of creative consulting.

Francisco "Z" Zangerolame VP of Planning and Strategy

Francisco J. Zangerolame, “Z” has over 20 years of Project Management experience, settling down in Miami, FL, 25 years ago, he started his career in the USA, as a software developer in a Market Research Company, later moved to the Cruise Line Industry with Carnival Cruise Lines, as a Call Center Operations Manager, where he obtained his Bachelors in Information Technology.

Later on he moved into an Information Technology Medical Company, and obtained his Masters in Information Technology Project Management, and was part of the founding of NuVerus in 2009.

In 2016 "Z" joined NuVerus USA, in Dallas Texas, USA HQ helping with the planning and strategy of the NuVerus Global Network expansion. NuVerus is a great opportunity and dealing with multiple cultures and requirements from different markets makes the NuVerus the perfect match for his skills. At NuVerus we are changing lives, one dream, one opportunity at the time.

Scott Baust VP of Information Technology (IT)

Scott has worked for more than 22 years in the IT industry specializing in Web development, database management, distributed systems and WAN (Wide Area Network) network design / management. Scott is  an award winning artist in 2d digital animation and traditional media. His skills also include 3d animation, Industrial/Graphic Design, Video Production / Digital Distribution and (UI) User Interface design.

Scott was the lead technologist at United Interactive Technologies (UIT), a publicly traded company in Delray Beach, FL, where he oversaw a team of 13 developers and IT Staff who built one of the first Online MLM / Benefits and Services distribution companies.

Jun Asahara East Asia Vice President

Mr. Asahara has experienced great success as a distributor and an executive in the MLM Industry for over 12 years. His experience and success includes countries all throughout Asia in addition to his home company of Japan. He is now recognized around the world for his extensive experience in international sales and distribution. 

Michael Jareou and Mr. Asahara met in November of 2013. Mr. Asahara was attracted to the founding pricinples (Health, Prosperity, Freedom) of NuVerus and how emphatic Michael Jareou cherished those principles. As a result of this meeting, Mr. Asahara and NuVerus partnered to help expand NuVerus into Japan.

Mr. Asahara was key to the successful launch of Nuvers Japan and is currentlty broadening the NuVerus portfolio by opening other East Asian countries.