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NuVerus Founder
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Founder & CEO

NuVerus Founder

Michael Jareou is one of the modern day business leaders. His leadership and vision have led him to his incredible journey of success.He always believes if you help people fulfill their dreams in return, they will help you achieve your own.

Michael Jareou's successes can equally by measured by his determination and perseverance in life as well as work. He started Digital Security Network,(DSN) and because of his excellent business capabilities, DSN became one of the biggest electronic security companies in the USA . He then sold DSN, to Ameritech, a Fortune 100 company.

Astonishingly enough at the just the age of 26, Michael Jareou was now a multi-millionaire. Financially independent, He could have retired to a life of comfort, but admittedly, it is hard to comfort a restless entrepreneur. He then founded the Physicians Wellness Group (PWG), which in short time grew to be a multi-million dollar network marketing and distribution company.

His ingenuity started the popular “As Seen On TV” retail stores that we have all seen. He is known world-wide as a savvy businessman. He has been a consultant and contractor for many different projects within the private and government sectors around the world. This has drawn national and International attention by being featured in different publications, radio, and TV such as Fox News, CNN, Fortune Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, Sun Sentinel, Orlando Sentinel and many other. Michael was selected from thousands of business professionals to be included in the Illinois Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame organized by the University of Chicago. His natural leadership and vision have always made him challenge the norm which has led him to this incredible journey of total freedom and the American dream.

The hardships of Michael’s youth and the success as an American has helped him to formulate his 3 objectives for success . . . Health - Prosperity - Freedom. Out of this desire to share these objectives, he started NuVerus. Through NuVerus, Michael  teaches the same skills, life-lessons and know-how used to achieve his own success. Mr. Jareou is helping people from the inside-out, by advocating and promoting true health and wealth. He is helping people realize their dreams, accomplish goals and live a life far better than the one they had envisioned. A leader that cares; a leader with immeasurable success; a leader you can count on and follow; Michael Jareou- the true embodiment of the American Dream.

In only few years NuVerus has become an International success. NuVerus and Michael Jareou has quickly become a respected name all over the world and is also becoming a well-known brand